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Vacuum bags

Our packaging are used at large scale by food industry buyers i.e. fruit and vegetable industry, meat, diary, fish and floury industry as well as for packing the money, computer parts, bed linen and many more barrier packed products.
We have 5 automatic sealing machines for production of flat bags used in vacuum packaging and packaging in inert gas mixtures of food products. The bags are made of PA/PE, PET/PE films, of any dimensions within the range of 10×10 cm to 70×90 cm, including:

– colourless
– metalized laminates
– with printed external and between-layer designs/inscriptions
– coloured laminates

-DOYPACK pouch
-STAND UP pouch
-euro hole
-easy open tear notch

The above products are manufactured from the highest quality imported materials with European Union certificates.

Order processing time – Bags:

– in stock – immediate mode
– individual orders from 2 to 5 days

Both coloured and those with golden or silvery primer/undercoat.

Flexographic surface and interlayer prints, up to 8 colours, can be ordered.

Standard bags thicknesses: 60my,70my, 90my, 100my, 120my and 140my.

High quality products are guaranteed by German company: